Panther 3D Printer Brings Your Visions To Life

The Panther 3D PrinterThe Panther 3D Printer

If you've ever had an idea, and wanted to hold that very idea in your hand, maybe a 3D printer is what you've been looking for.

While the company's well received Portabee 3D printer pushed its $500 price point and portability as an entry device to 3D printing, the Panther 3D Printer (at $960) is geared towards individuals and companies willing to make an investment in their visions. Most 3D printers are sold for more, and that's why the Panther is an invention to watch.

Using a digital Computer Aided Design (CAD) file, or almost any 3D modeling program, a 3D printer decodes the file and then creates an actual three-dimensional representation of your vision.

 A couple of creations from the Panther 3D Printer.A couple of creations from the Panther 3D Printer.According to business lead Daniel Warner in an e-mail: “Our new 3D printer pushes the boundaries of accuracy and quality available in a personal machine, while keeping things within a reasonable price
range,” he writes. “3D printing is an extremely exciting industry that we see flourishing in the coming months and decades, and we are extremely proud to be playing a part. Our Panther sets new standards, and we strive to advance the state of 3D printing. We believe it is our duty to help create a cooler future.”

Some notable feature include:

High quality precision linear guideways
High quality Linear Guideways with special grade stainless steel on all axes provide high positional accuracy, extremely smooth motion, long life and fantastic reliability.

Aluminium chassis
Composed from rigid aluminium components & stainless steel hardware – rigid, strong, more resistant to climatic factors such as humidity and temperature changes as well as corrosion and warpage.
PLA & ABS Extrusion
Direct thermoplastic extruder compatible with 1.75mm diameter PLA and ABS plastic. Extrusion system features a spring-loaded ball bearing tensioner system for reliable thermoplastic flow control.
Heated print-bed
Heated print-bed with software temperature setting for greater flexibility – can be simply turned off, if not required (eg. for non-heated platform printing with kapton tape).

Superior print quality
The Panther 3D Printer uses high grade CNC style parts for a superior 3D printing experience. And comes fully assembled and tested, with a complete set of tools, accessories and 1kg of PLA material, ready to begin creating beautiful objects composed of thin air, thermoplastic, and of course, your imagination.

Designed for home or office use, the Panther 3D Printer You can see the Panther 3D Printer at work on their website. Allow at least four weeks lead-time for delivery.