Panties Created For One Night Stands

Emergencies can occur almost anytime...we live with medical, personal, emotional, fact all kinds of emergencies.

But ever contemplated a ‘lingerie' emergency?

A situation where you might need to replace your innerwear in a hurry.

I found it difficult to imagine till I let my mind stray to nocturnal activities...

Two young and enterprising entrepreneurs have created wear once underwear for the morning after, after a one night stand. Packaged to fit into a case the size of a lipstick case, these panties can be a lifesaver on occasion. Welcome Tagalongs.

Though the website lists a number of different applications for these panties, it is obvious from the wild commercial at that the obvious use for disposable panties is a one night stand.

Jeannie Vondjidis and Nicole Authier were in Hong Kong when they came up with the idea for Tagalongs. Jeannie was in a pinch for panties, went looking through the shops and came across disposables. They weren't pretty - somewhere between granny pants and a shower cap - but they would have to do. It got the pair thinking as to why the concept of disposable panties hadn't gone main-stream yet.

So they got to work and the result is here for us.

Tagalongs are sterilized and made with a 100% cotton gusset. Discreet and convenient, they are individually wrapped and come in purse and travel-ready packs.

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Dec 4, 2008
by Anonymous

Girl Scout Cookies

Cool Idea

Except now I can never eat the Girl Scout Cookies by the same name again!

Dec 6, 2008
by Anonymous

great inventions

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