Pants With More Than One Zipper: Great Idea?

Fashion is always ingenuity’s child and truly like the words of that old Cole Porter song, Anything Goes when it comes to expressing its many clever and unique manifestations. Classic songs like Dancing Cheek to Cheek can be interpreted in other racier ways if one is wearing these Pants With One or More Zippers on The Rear Thereof. Patent# US 6789269 can initiate more than a discussion or a dance with just the flip of a zip.



The Pants With One or More Zippers on The Rear Thereof come equipped with seat and waist portions and two leg sections that are joined together in a standard manner to form the pants. Convention, however, ends very soon after the introduction of the one zipper located between the crotch and the top of the pants where one would be expected. Another zipper (which is either partially or completely unzippable) reveals a selected portion of the wearer himself (or herself). To say things could get a bit chilly or very much warmer seem to be understatements in either direction.

Whether or not these pants are for you, consider some other clever innovations presented by some other inventors. Read Steve Levenstein’s piece, “Jailhouse Frocks are Japan's Latest Fashion Trend” and Levi D. Davis’s post, “Gas Filled Cold Weather Clothing Wins Awards.."

Whatever you do, stay zipped and at attention, for the butt you save may well be your own.

Go figure.

Jan 25, 2009
by Cosetta
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