Paper and Pencil Socks: Gag Gift To Inspire Any Writer!

Writers today may not work too often with a pen and paper, especially not with netbooks available smaller Paper and Pencil Socks for WritersPaper and Pencil Socks for Writersand smaller to keep the creative juices flowing electronically while on the go. But for those who want to hang onto the more old-fashioned methods, there's a fun novelty item that they're sure to appreciate.

The Notebook and Pencil socks are pretty awesome (if a pair of these turned up at my door, I wouldn't turn them away..hint, hint). They're made from acrylic so they're long-lasting and knee high so they can really be shown off as they should be!

One sock features the typical turquoise blue lines of a classic lined notebook, and the other is a traditional pencil. If you buy these for a writer friend, consider picking up more than one pair; if they become inspirational, they'll also come with an odour.

Via: TrendHunter