Japanese Cosplay Queen 'Shokotan' Has Her Own Paper Doll Kit


I've blogged about Shoko Nakagawa (known as "Shokotan" to her legions of fans) before. The popular multi-tasking entertainer has a curious fetish for cicada shells which she affixes, by the dozen, to her hair. She also enjoys photographing herself stuffing the heads of her cats into her mouth. Just the kind of gal you want to bring home to meet the parents, in other words.

Even more so now, with the publication of her 95-page photobook. The book offers something for everyone... well, every one of her anime-obsessed fans at least.

See Shokotan modeling anime costumes. See Shokotan relaxing around the house. See Shokotan in her skivvies, waiting for you to dress her up in cosplay outfits and cheerleader uniforms and... wait, what??

 When we were very young, my sister and I would love visiting our grandmother on weekends. I would draw rocketships with crayons and my sister would cut out paper dolls and assorted outfits from family magazines like McCall's. The outfits would have tabs that you could bend back and hang on cutout figurines from the magazine. Charming and innocent... but no more.

Shokotan's paper doll page is conceivably appealing to little girls but will more likely be stoking more intense interest among teenage boys... which should probably come as no surprise whatsoever to Nakagawa, someone who's built her career by having her finger placed firmly on the public pulse.

As for her reverent audience, a word of warning for when you're playing with Shokotan's paper doll kit: paper cuts can really sting. Shokotan's photobook is available online though her website or from J-Box for $24.00 plus shipping. Run to get yours now; but put down those scissors first. (via Made You Look)