Paper Landscapes Cover New Ground in Lighting Design


New York-based lighting artist Marcus Tremonto has been experimenting with his lighting design project Paper Landscapes for two years now, and is ready to unveil it as part of a two-person show called "Between Lines" in Zurich. The project is something he's been working on for TRELUCE studio, and is inspired by somewhat outdated technology that was used to generate topographic digital landscapes.  Consisting of  a single slice of paper thin luminosity that can undulate and be hung from various heights or connected to others to create larger overhead lightscapes, Paper Landscapes explores depth and movement in lighting.

 Paper Landscape and Spill LampPaper Landscape and Spill Lamp

 Stitch LampStitch Lamp


 Among his other pieces showcased at the 'Between Lines' show are the strangely reflective Stich Lamp (right) and Spill Lamp (above) that appears to have hopped off a Salvador Dali painting and come alive as a light source. 


The show runs through August at the Franziska Kessler Gallery in Zurich and is available for perusal by appointment only. 

 TRELUCE via Coolhunting via Cribcandy