Paraben's Porn Detection Stick Will Sniff Out Any XXX Images You May Be Hiding

I find the different computer sticks that Paraben make quite interesting and I'll have more on their other products for you later because right now we're just going to focus on the Porn Detection Stick. The name more or less tells you what the software contained on this USB drive can do. It searches through all of the images on the hard drive on any computer and sniffs out anything pornographic that may be hiding in any cleverly renamed and disguised folders on the hard drive.

At first glance this may seem like a novelty product because it may sound like one to some but it's actually a very powerful and useful tool to have around. Usually, software that is needed to scan huge amounts of data can cost a lot of money to install and operate. However, the Porn Detection Stick serves as a cheaper alternative that will be able to perform similar functions while costing you only a hundred dollars.

The major feature that Paraben advertises for the Porn Detection Stick is that it's portable and because the program is contained in the thumb drive, you only need to plug and play it into any USB-compatible device and start scanning right away. The program also searches through all of the drives on your computer fast; it can finish a complete scan of a 500 GB hard drive with over 70,000 images in approximately an hour and a half. By all means, that's fast, compared to the time that it would actually take to manually search for and go over all of these images.

So how does the Porn Detection Stick work, exactly? You can't just rely on the file names of the images because they're as easy to change as pie. So what the software does is analyze all the images based on these methods and algorithms: image cleanup, skin detection, background elimination, edge detection, body part separation, negative curvature rejection, elimination, face detection, body part layout decision, and face detection.

In short, all of these find porn by categorizing and classifying images as potentially harmful based on facial features, flesh tone colors, image backgrounds, and shapes of the body parts of the people in these images.

While a lot of people insist that their access to porn is within their rights, there are certain instances when other things take precedence over such privileges. For example, your pre-teen child clicking away at the computer looking at porn online when he (or she) doesn't think you're looking is a reason for concern. Employers who are dealing with lazy staff who spend their office hours browsing the net and looking up pornographic content is no light matter either. People who work in schools, churches, probation, and law enforcement agencies would also benefit from having a Porn Detection Stick handy to quell (or confirm) any suspicions when the need arises.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This porn detection stick  is also available and can be  found on  Amazon.

Source: Paraben.

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Apr 8, 2011
by Anonymous

But I already know where all

But I already know where all my porn is.