This Paracord Grenade Is Loaded With Survival Tools

If you ever get worried about being lost in the woods, or you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, then you really need to get your hands on a new kind of grenade.

The M-550 Paracord Survival Grenade is not an explosive device by any means; rather it is one loaded with survival tools that just might help you get through worst case-scenarios of sorts.

Surf City Paracord, innovators of outdoor gear and sporting goods and who are based in Huntington, CA, have designed this new survival grenade that is woven from over 50 feet of paracord.

Survive And Stay Alive

The M-550 Paracord Survival Grenade looks like an actual grenade in its style and design, but once you pull its pin it explodes with all sorts of goodies.

Let’s first start with the actual 50 feet of paracord which offers endless possibilities. The cord is very strong and amazingly durable and is perfect for making “shelters, tools, weapons, traps, and much more,” explains its team of inventors. And once you remove the inner cords, they are also great for additional “fishing lines, dental floss, and fine lashings.”

This cutting-edge survival grenade also comes with an LED flashlight, which makes working in the night easier, and it can also be used as a signaling tool.

This gadget also comes equipped with a mini folding pocket knife, a dog tag signal mirror, a fire starting rod and striker. You use the striker or knife along with the jute twine cotton balls to start a fire.

And the list of survival tools only gets better. This friendly-survival-grenade comes with a fishing line (30 feet long), four fish hooks, four split shot weights, two Bobby pins, wire saw, storm proof matches, water proof matches, a whistle buckle, two split rings, and butterfly structures.

The grenade is also armed with  an orange tactical cord, a compass, aluminum foil sheet, water purification tablets, military grade trip wire, pure napkin tablet, razor blade, a can opener, safety pins, electrical tape, and a universal handcuff key.

The New Smart Grenade

Surf City Paracord also has a good sense of humor in branding their new survival grenade. They ensured that the universal handcuff key comes with a note attached, which reads: “You should only use if you’re illegally restrained.”

The M-550 Paracord Survival Grenade comes in mix of colors – pink, orange and purple, to name a few - that blend in nicely with its camouflage design.

It is amazing what you can create with paracords, and this gadget will help amateur and expert survivalists alike survive in the great outdoors while living off the land. This grenade will also greatly help people being rescued too.

So, when you venture off into the unknown, make sure you take along your M-550 Paracord Survival Grenade.
It retails for $69.99 (USD).

Editor's Note: There are also similar paracord shaped survival grenades available from Amazon for substantially less. You can look at this grenade and this one for similar features at a fraction of the price. 

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