Parajet Skycar Gears Up for Production

At the beginning of the year, the Parajet Skycar made a record breaking journey from London, England to Timbuktu in Africa. Since then, Parajet International has been working hard to find another company to help the produce their little piece of automotive goodness. Now, they have finally been able to enlist the help of Rage Motorsports to produce the Skycar and bringing it to the public.

Production for the Skycar will be broken in a two part process, with both companies playing a crucial part. Rage Motorsports will be in charge of assembling the chassis and suspension components, as well as most of the body and the drivetrain. Currently, they are also working on ways to reduce the total weight of the Skycar by using the lightest components available.

Parajet will then take over and begin adding the components to make the Skycar fly. This will begin be adding the fan in the back and the top mounted parachute to provide the necessary lift. The team has also provided a revised interior that will increase legroom and offer a more relaxed feel.

Power will come from a fuel-injected 140 horsepower Yamaha engine providing the necessary propulsion on both land and in the air. After some extensive testing, Parajet decided to use this engine for reasons of durability and weight.

According to Parajet, some additional testing on the Skycar will be conducted later this year, with production models expected by 2010.


May 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Skycar Markets

Apps for:

Adventure Tourisim
Search Rescue
PD Force Use
EMT MedEvac
Ski Patrols.
Harbor patrols.
007 Movie use.
Rentals & Sales.

Models Id add:
Truck type
Flatbed mode.
Module cargo pod