Parasolar Shades and Powers













The Parasolar concept, a neat little umbrella gadget concept, is one of the notable entries in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008. It provides shade as well as power.

Designed by Oded Shorer, the Parasolar captures solar energy with it’s photovoltaic laminated panels, integrated in the synthetic umbrella cloth, and then transfers power to a charger in the handle to recharge gadgets (digital camera, cell phone, etc.). The Parasolar supports one-12volts-output and two USB sockets.

The cover stabilizes the Parasolar to the ground and the charger/battery and the energy transformer are at the base of the Parasolar. In addition the parasol product comes in an easily transportable carry-on case making it ideal to carry on camping trips, vacation, college living, etc.

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Via Trendhunter