Parce Idea Brings Intelligence To Your Outlets

Every month there is a war in your home, the eternal battle between appliances and your electric bill. The Parce Idea Smart Wall Plug not only lets your monitor the battle from a far, but lets you make changes that will affect the battle's outcome. Using your smartphone, the Parce Idea Smart Wall Plug monitors energy consumption and gives you the ability to control any lighting fixture or appliance that is connected to Parce Idea outlet. As you continue to use it, the Parce Idea Smart Plug actually begins to "learn" from your habits to give you specialized tips and suggestions.

Parce Idea Smart PlugParce Idea Smart Plug

Early pricing figures put the Parce Idea Smart Plugs at $69.00 a piece, a little steep in this writer's opinion.  Unless you have multiple electronics attached to each plug via a power bar, it's hard to imagine you will save more than $69 a year. Yes, monitoring the usage is nice, but let's be honest, people will be buying these to save money, not monitor their usage. You could, however, use that information to find where energy spikes are occuring and take steps to correct it.

Parce Idea Smart Plug - EU versionParce Idea Smart Plug - EU version

The Parce Idea Smart Plugs are not the first of their kind, Belkin came out with the WeMo in January, but that device lacks the analytic power that the Parce Idea has. On top of displaying energy usage, the Parce Idea also gives the user suggestions on how improve to their efficiency. The Parce Idea Plug also gets "smarter" the longer you use it. It can pick up on television watching habits, as well as when you are typically not at home. By monitoring your habits, the Parce Idea can make better suggestions for your energy consumption.

Still in the IndiGoGo campaign, the Parce Idea Smart Plug does not yet have a release date, but expect a late 2014 release.


Source: Parce

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