Parking Lost: Yet Another Ten Cars Of The People Of Walmart

It's the holiday season, when finding your car in a Walmart parking lot is akin to a real-life game of Where's Waldo – with the added bonus of impatient drivers eager to park the Family Truckster and stock up on stocking stuffers.

Of course, if you drove one of THESE cars, picking it out of even the biggest crowd is as easy as pumpkin pie... though not nearly as appealing.        

There Is No Substitute

Challenge accepted! Seriously though, how many people will be fooled by this beaten-up Civic and its hand-lettered, mis-spelled moniker? At least one, it seems.

Hello Chevy

Does GM know about the above abomination? Forget it, they've got a few other things on their plate. Even so, when the bowtie meets the hairbow no good can come of it.   

LEGO Let It Go

“Troubled? Learn to LEGO”... odd, we weren't aware LEGO was something that needed to be taught. Then again, how troubled must one be to mount a giant LEGOman head and arm on your vehicle? Even more worrisome, where did they bury the rest of him??    

Free Parking

Do not pass GO, do not collect $200, and do not under any circumstances be seen behind the wheel of this mind-numbingly green Monopoly machine.

Get Down & Get Funky

If “Fear Is The Mind Killer”, this car's owner must have been afraid, VERY afraid. Nowadays and no doubt thanks to Prozac, the world is filled with Good Vibrations, Love!, and the Power of Positivity. Still no cure for the funk emanating from this machine, however.     


Someone thinks their mid-nineties Poncho is a clown car when everyone knows Michelle Duggar's birth canal holds that title. As for the roof ornament, it appears to be one part Aunt Edna from National Lampoon's Vacation and one part Norman Bates' mother. 

Good Morning Viet Nam!

We're pleased to support veterans whenever and however they served, which in this case appears to be the 1970s and the Air Force, respectively. That wing must produce a whole lot of downforce... there must be something in the trunk the driver does not wish to display, like maybe a few unlucky Charlies.     

Who's Trolling Who?

Sure those troll dolls are cute but there's not enough insulin in the world to balance the saccharine overload glued to this car. Even worse, when it rains EVERYONE has a really, really bad hair day.     

“Poor Man's Prowler”

That's what the man (hey, it's just gotta be) who owns it calls it. Maybe this curious custom belongs to George Costanza, who wanted his car to be the ultimate babe magnet so he altered it to be the exact opposite.

The Satanic Hearses

Doncha just hate funerals, what with all the weeping and nose-blowing and boring black fashion? Don't have a coronary; call this guy and put the FUN back in your funeral! Bonus: every flower in the wreath squirts water and the casket-lowering mechanism features a slide-whistle soundtrack.

Thanks and a tip of the cap as well to People of Walmart, the hard-working source of these all-too-real images you only WISH were 'shopped!