Partner Stealing The Covers? Couples Sheet Keeps Score

Adjusting to life as a couple is fun when you're in love, but sometimes sharing a bathroom or a bed, for that matter, can get a bit irritating... especially when it comes to your partner stealing the sheets in the middle of the night. This Couples Sheet shows you just how much sheet your partner (or you!) is stealing.

Two Portuguese designers, perhaps a "couple," Isabel Machado and Filipe Pinto, designed the Couples Sheet, a top sheet that displays the sheet in centimeters. If the sheet is centered on the bed, each member of the couple is entitled to half of the sheet, so you have the same starting place in the center of the sheet: zero (0). From there, the centimeters are measured outward toward each side of the bed, in 10 centimeter increments. The centimeters are printed, ruler-style, under the sheet, as well as on the top overhang.

The design duo of Machado and Pinto also cleverly employs color on the Couples Sheet, as the ruler starts with warm colors at the sheet's center (red) and gradually moves from warm to cooler colors at the sides. So if you wake up seeing blue, chances are your tush may be the only part of you that's covered.

The Couples Sheet has little practical value unless you sleep with the lights on, but it is fun, don't you think?

For more information contact Design Wise. via Cool Infographics

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Jun 20, 2008
by Diana Eid

awesome idea

Ooh, these look so cool. But when I get accused of stealing the sheets, I'd have all this evidence against me! :)