Is A Part-Time Online Business Right For You?

Do you know someone who is raking in the big bucks by engaging in a part-time online business?

There are just too many folks claiming to have done just that all over the Internet. In fact, I just received an email about a really successful Internet Entrepreneur has supposedly made $1,000,000 dollars in just one tele-seminar.

Unbelievable, right? It almost sounds too good to be true. Granted,  you may not become a millionaire overnight, there are a lot of people who have succeeded in making a tidy bundle of money to supplement their income with a part time on-line business.

What I particularly like about part-time online businesses is that when you set the system up correctly, you keep generating money even while you sleep.

A cliche, I know. But it's true. If you're an inventor, you can actually use the income you make as capital for product development or for your marketing. In fact, when you become really adept at this, you can even use what you've learned from running a part-time online business to launch your product on the global Internet stage when it's ready for release.

But, of course, like anything, a part-time online business is not for everyone. Here is a list of some basic questions that you ask yourself before embarking on this new adventure:

Are you willing to study a lot?

Online business is very dynamic. It is constantly changing. Even the savviest Internet entrepreneur needs to keep reviewing and studying online because search engine and online marketing rules change so quickly. What was the norm then could very well be a no-no today. Unless you’re willing to devote a lot of time hitting the books and reading the latest marketing blogs, you’re better off choosing a different option.


Are you comfortable with technology?

You can always hire contractors to create your website and handle the bulk of the technical stuff but it is always best to have a working knowledge of the Internet and the tools you need for your business. If you’re a technophobe, you shouldn’t venture in a part-time online business.


Are you willing to extend effort and time?

Some people believe that there is nothing easier than a part-time online business. Unfortunately, like other honest business ventures, it involves hard work, some determination, and a lot of time. If you are not ready for this kind of commitment, don’t even bother. You’ll only be wasting time and money.


You're an inventor.. but are you an entrepreneur?

You may be a great employee or a brilliant inventor but being an entrepreneur is totally different. You need a wider range of skills and there is also added pressure because now it is your business and your capital. If you are more of a follower than a leader but you are still determined to put up a part-time online business, consider partnering with someone with strong entrepreneurial skills. In fact, if you have a really great business idea, you may consider partnering with a web-savvy friend to save up on costs.


Do you have a service or product to sell?

Sounds basic but surprisingly, a lot of people still believe that they can rake in the big bucks online without even the semblance of a business idea. If you already have a service or product in mind, is it feasible? Otherwise, no one will buy what you’re selling and you’ll end up just taking up some valuable cyberspace.



If you're an inventor who is trying to make it, my suggestion is that you start building brand presence online. Offer your services as a consultant. If you're a brilliant electrician, charge X number of dollars for a 30-minute consultation. If you're really good, people will start lining up for your services and when the time comes to roll out your product (assuming you've done your marketing properly), you will have buyers beating down your door. Start that part-time online business today!