Party In A Bag: Luxe Booze Bags Gets The Party Started!

Stylish luggage can carry just about anything and look good, and for those who like to party out there, Vernice Ostrich Drinking and Gaming Tote which really gets the party started in a classy way!

Vernice Ostrich Drinking and Gaming ToteVernice Ostrich Drinking and Gaming Tote

Whether you're going to be traveling up to the family cottage during the summer months, or simply spending a great deal of time away from home, you need two of the most important things at your disposal; your booze and your gambling. Hey, I said that the Vernice Ostrich Drinking and Gaming Tote offers a classy way to get the party started, but I didn't say it wasn't based on a couple of America's biggest vices!

This fashionable booze bag contains 2 crystal wine glasses, additional drinking accessories, 2 decks of cards, and your favorite bottle of wine to help you indulge with your new luxury products. At $2,660 this is one fashionable luxury tote that may not be recession-friendly, but it might help you indulge this summer!

Via: Luxist