Party Planning Celebrations For The Bereaved

Funeral homes and funeral planners offer all sorts of celebrations, including those based on Irish tradition that celebrate life with a toast to the dead, rather than having a morose and subdued ceremony. Tonight on ABC's The Shark Tank, a woman pitched a business that would do exclusively this.

Although the business name was not provided on the show, I did try to look into if this business is still (or ever) in operation, and came up with nothing. On the show, investors were not interested in partnering with the entrepreneur because they thought the business was in bad taste, and though a celebration is sometimes a feature of a funeral business they didn't think she would survive on her own.  Instead of seeing this as a poor opportunity, I have to look at it as a niche market that's barely been captured.


What do you think about a party planning business to honor life and death? We're talking open bar, cake, and maybe even a little bit of karaoke.

Sep 7, 2009
by Anonymous


An Honorable way to go. My family and I make gavestones, we have so for over 40 years. We have seen how many of the funeral businesses celebrate-the-life of a deceased. my favorite being a living funeral. a funeral happens because someone lived not because someone died. This woman in a shark Tank is not the first to suggest a funeral firm, with joyful intentions. She may be the first to shed light on a very grim business enviroment. A business that makes money selling stuff to grieving families, is not a very popular one. she must have experienced a terrible funeral and thought of this better way. But rather than limit her funeral plans to a single type of funeral, I think the best funeral home, would be that of a carring group of people trying to make a hard time better for the family. If the family wanted a celebration, a dinner event, a retreat, a trip, the traditional, whatever they want they should get. deaths of family members can be a very hard time, expecially like that of children. a funeral is sometimes all the help they get, and with a business wanting to profit off their inability to function properly, their state only worsens. I think that this woman made a great step, even if she did not get her idea funded, she put the idea in the minds of others. Demand proper treatment inyour time of need, have the funeral and the celebration that you feel is right for your family.