The Password Vault: More Stuff You Don't Have To Remember

Albert Einstein rhetorically questioned, "Why should I remember anything when I can just look it up?" Now there was a man after my own heart. And here is a gadget after my own heart too: the Password Vault.

You can stop using the same few passwords over and over again just to make sure you'll remember them. And you won't have to waste time waiting for a new password to be emailed so you can reset your account for the umpteenth time on the web site.   The Password Vault, which can secure account information, ATM PINs, user names, and yes... passwords... has room for 400 account records, and is far safer than storing the information on your computer.


The Password Vault: image via Hammacher SchlemmerThe Password Vault: image via Hammacher Schlemmer


Your account information is entered through a keyboard that slides out from behind the face ot the Password Vault.  You can even make notes to yourself about individual accounts.  I'd say 400 accounts are about all that anyone might have, and that's 400 web addresses, user names, passwords and notes that you don't have to remember.  

The Password Vault is available from Hammacher Schlemmer and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Einstein would have approved.


Keeping you posted....


Dec 29, 2010
by Anonymous

Problems with PW Vault

Your PW to enter into PW Vault.

& should dble accounts to 800-1K alone for some heavy users.