Pat Pocket Ashtray: The Non-Smoker's Most Repellent Accessory

The last thing any non-smoker would desire to carry with them as an accessory is their own personal ashtray designed to keep smoke and ash contained, but for those that smoke, it's not such a repellent idea.

Pat Pocket AshtrayPat Pocket Ashtray

The Pat Pocket Ashtray isn't meant to be a fashion accessory in the usual sense, but since it can be worn or stuck into a purse, it acts as an accessory to a smoking habit! Whether they should be or not, there are many people out there who continue to smoke. The smell from their cigarettes can pollute streets and public ashtrays, not to mention all of the filters that end up on the ground.

With the Pat Pocket Ashtray smokers can take their own butts with them and also ensure that pollution or safety are not risks since the gadget is designed to extinguish any cigarette placed in the device. At least if you can't get smokers to quit, you can keep the habits from impacting everyone else to some degree, so buy these might be the hottest accessories to buy for your smoking friends...or not.


Jun 10, 2010
by Anonymous

pat pocket ashtray

What a great idea and smart looking as well this pocket ashtray