PatientPak: A Practical Business Or A Product of Paranoia?

The PatientPak is the idea kit to help the germaphobic to help fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and superbugs during hospital stays, travel, or around the house. It's a product marketed towards seniors, expectant mothers and others living in fear of contracting deadly diseases from contaminated environments? Read on and decide if The PatientPak is practical or a product of paranoia.

The PatientPak is a kit that somewhat resembles a first aid kit, however the contents vary vastly; consisting of 11 antimicrobial products meant to make hospital stays and travel more comfortable and disease free. The pack contains two packages of wipes; one to clean surfaces and one to maintain personal hygiene; there are sprays for fabric, and hands; special antimicrobial formula shampoo and body wash; a sign warning people of their hygiene habits; a disposable anti-microbial pen, because you wouldn't want to touch one living in a hospital; as well as a nail brush, soap dish, tooth brush/paste and guide to being a germaphobe...err, virus conscious.

I really can't help but think that such a product may have Howie Mandell behind it, as a highly publicized celebrity germaphobe, and while I can't help but joke I do have to respect PatientPak's vision. While it may seem a little overzealous in the cleanliness department, I can see the benefits. For seniors with lowered immune systems, a hospital stay can expose them to many viruses and illnesses which can put them at greater risk for problems. And, when traveling, I too fearfully touch the comforters on hotel beds for fear of what has occurred there before without washing, so I could certainly do with some antimicrobial fabric spray for peace of mind.

It's hard to say what the future holds for companies like Patientpak who rely on antimicrobial substances; since bacterias found in hospitals in particular are becoming more resilient and resistant to antimicrobial agents. I'm sure the business has also met with skeptics, who believe that as with antibacterial products, antimicrobial agents are ridding our bodies of necessary bacterias and viruses and preventing us from becoming resistant to their presence, lowering our immune systems.

To summarize, PatientPak's concept may set itself up for some controversy and mockery, but I'm sure it's a useful and convenient product for those who could benefit from an antimicrobial kit.

Feb 4, 2009
by Anonymous

germ stuff missing

It strikes me that they missed the really obvious ones, especially for the in-hospital crowd, a breathing mask and latex gloves.