Patterson and His Recycled "Fairy Under Pressure" and Other Artwork

If you know about artist and recycler Lane Patterson and his creative green talent you may blush at the mention of his name, especially if you have seen some of his innovative anatomically correct artwork.

Lane Patterson taught at Mankato State University in Minnesota from 1968 through 1989. He taught weaving, textile and interior design. His work can be seen in galleries in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM, Scottsdale, AZ. His focus is creating his work mainly with recycled objects.

My favorite of his figural sculptures is, "Fairy Under Pressure". You will notice that this anatomically correct male fairy has a pressure gauge for a head. It is all undeniably comical the way the name fits the sculpture.

The sculpture is about 17 inches tall. It is created, according to the website description, with the following recycled material, electrical and plumbing parts, the already mentioned above pressure gauge, bronzed baby shoes, hose nozzle, perforated steel wings and cast lead "Cannonball" style fishing sinkers.

Cute as it is though it doesn't come cheap, at $240 for the piece it makes it difficult for the average admirer like me to put this recycled art cost into the budget plan. Still I'd love to place this on my desk. I imagine, the conversations that would follow when my guest arrived would be entertaining, especially if you have a family like mine. I would say to everyone, "See recycling can be fun!" They would have to agree.

If I could collect and display them I would have the "Jolly Green Tin Man" next to "Fairy Under Pressure" and I'd continue by adding "Little Bitch on Wheels" (this the actual name of the sculpture). Then I would light them all up with 35 inch tall "Cowboy Fairy Lamp With Aged Copper Shade".

To take a look at more of recycling artist Lane Patterson's artwork visit the Gallery of Artist website and click on Patterson.

Via Great Green Goods