The First Teen Idol That's An Inventor, Not A Rock Star


Paul Hyman, Real Teen Idol: image via cambio.comPaul Hyman, Real Teen Idol: image via cambio.comHe's not a TV or rock star; he's an inventor, a teenage inventor, and that is why Cambio, the website that connects fans to celebrities, thinks he's hot.  He's the very first Real Teen Idol chosen by Cambio in its new focus on teens that are regular kids who do spectacular things that inspire other teens to do spectacular things.

His name is Paul Hyman.  He's from Ft. Washington, NY, he's a volunteer firefighter, and he begins Clarkson University this fall on a 4-year scholarship he won for his inventiveness. Clarkson will give him space (his very own office!) and educational support to develop his inventions and bring them to market through its Entrepreneurial Center.

Hyman has created two inventions, life-saving inventions, in fact. His inspiration no doubt came from his firefighting experience.  One is called the Dryer Fire Protection System, which automatically shuts off a clothes dryer when the lint reaches the level where it could cause a fire.

Hyman's second invention is called the Fighter SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), a miniature infrared camera that fits into a firefighter's mask and enables him to see in heavily smoke-filled areas.

When a Cambio interviewer asked Hyman who were his own idols growing up, Hyman said there were several persons. " I just look up to people in my community that take initiative to change things for the better. The ones that have a sense of leadership, confidence and the ability to make change happen. My family, my teachers and people at the firehouse inspire me. I can't pin down just one because they all helped me get here."

As for what he'd like to share with other teens, he said it's the notion that "If you try hard enough, no matter how slim you think your chances are, there's always a way to accomplish your dreams."

via  Cambio