PC911 Converts Old into Useful and Saves Green









Isn’t it wonderful when a company, especially a small one with limited financial resources does what it can to limit its environmental impact? That’s what Chad and his family are doing. Chad is taking steps to turn his small business, PC911, into a green one little by little.

PC911 is a mobile computer repair company, started in 2005. It provides services that include wireless networking, data transfer, PC repair, and PC installation, virus and spyware removal. So, if you have a problem with your computer PC911 comes to your house and repairs it that day. How does PC911 differ from all the other mobile computer repair companies? PC911 does what it can to lighten its environmental footprint.

For example, take PC911's means of transportation. PC911’s transportation consists of bought old used ambulance that PC911 brought back to life and used again. This method saves the ambulances from the junkyard, PC911 money and allows PC911 to fix computer emergencies. In addition 90% of their current active fleet of ambulances have been converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) and Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO). By the end of 2008 PC911 has plans to convert 100% of its fleet.

Running on vegetable oil is much cleaner than petroleum diesel but it also provides a new use for used vegetable oil. The fuel is collected for free from various restaurants. PC911 then self filters the oil and uses it in the vehicles. To take a look at a list of the restuarants go to PC911's website and click on Green Philosophy.

PC911 also participates in Cell Phones for Soldiers. PC911 is an official drop site for this non-profit organization. So, if your in the area and have an old cell phone you no longer need go ahead and drop it off at their site.

Via AzSustainability and PC911.