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Sharkk RFID Protector Aluminum Wallet Credit Card HolderSharkk RFID Protector Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder

A few months ago I checked my online bank statement only to find that most of the money in my savings account had been transferred to my checking account.  The problem was that I did not make that transfer.  I ran, almost literally, down to the local Chase bank, only to find that someone had tried to charge a few thousand dollars worth of products to my debit card in a Target store 3,000 miles from where I live and shop.

Fortunately, the Target cashier suspected something because the transaction was flagged and stopped.  A big 'Thank You!' to that Target cashier! (Target needs some positive publicity right now, anyway.)

Yes, somehow and somewhere, my debit card information was swiped, probably by someone with an RFID reading smart phone. All they have to do is hold their smart phone next to your purse or back (wallet) pocket to pick up the Radio Frequency IDentification on one of your credit cards, debit cards, your driver's license, and the most recently issued passports.

Here's how you know if your cards have RFID:  There will be a symbol like this, that looks similar to a wi-fi symbol:


 RFID symbol on credit card: image via humnwallet.comRFID symbol on credit card: image via


If you have the RFID symbol on any of your cards, you are vulnerable, and once the damage is done, you will go through A LOT of trouble trying to undo it.  

You can go to your credit card issuer and ask to have your debit and credit cards re-issued without an RFID chip or you can protect your cards, all of them, by buying a secure wallet or credit card case to protect the cards from e-thiefs. I don't often carry my money and my credit cards in the same case, so I ordered a well-reviewed wallet and a few credit card security cases to try them out.  Here's what I like...


RFID Blocking Aluminum Credit Card Holder by Sharkk Products


Sharkk RFID Protector Aluminum Wallet Credit Card HolderSharkk RFID Protector Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder

Just placing aluminum foil over your credit cards or other RFID might work to 'foil' an RFID reader or smart phone app, but why take the chance?  The aluminum credit card holders are guarenteed to be secure.  There are several of them, and I ordered three different ones as they were inexpensive enough to try and test.  I liked the Sharkk RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder the best, mainly because it was the sturdiest and, if it's not stuffed the catch stays closed and doesn't break. It's also fun.  You can purchase a few in different colors and patterns o match your mood, and not 'break the bank.' I also like the way it feels; it's nice and light and aluminuminary.


Sharkk RFID Protector Aluminum Wallet Credit Card HolderSharkk RFID Protector Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder


That being said, or written, the Sharkk Blocking Credit Card Holder works best if you don't put the maximum number of credit cards in it.  They all line up neatly and come out easily, but don't stuff the case, and cash... well, it's best off somewhere else, or perhpas the holder won't close.


RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Leather Wallet by Access Denied

Access Denied Bi-Fold Men's RFID Security WalletAccess Denied Bi-Fold Men's RFID Security Wallet


This is a great compact leather wallet that happens to protect your cards with RFID protective coating on the plastic casing inside, which is very cool.  Access Denied has a whole range of RFID blocking wallets that are very stylish and practical for men and women.  I really like the larger cases which can hold your RFID Passport, protected, and your checkbook, as well as your cards and cash.


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Jan 18, 2014
by Anonymous

how much per wallet model???

how much per wallet model??? please list prices

Jan 19, 2014
by Must Love Gadgets

Hi... Prices always change,

Hi... Prices always change, so I don't list them.  However, if you click on the links in the blog, you will find the current price of the item.

Thanks for writing.

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