Peaches 'n' Panties: The New Ripe Fruit Craze


I like peach butts and I cannot lie.  Ever look at a peach and thought it looked like a bum?  So have vendors in China who are now selling sexy peach booties.  Ripe Fruit, it’s a thing.

Move aside apples, peaches are the new bottoms, and they've gotten a sexy makeover.  Vendors in China are dressing up their peaches in a new and unique way.  Taking a step up from boring old white foam mesh sleeves, peaches are now wearing fashionable tiny lace panties.

A regular peach can cost a person anywhere from 30-50 cents (in US dollars).  Slip a pair of mini lace panties on a peach, however, and the price skyrockets to about $8.89.  According to Kotaku, “a box of nine panty fruit is 498 Yuan or $80 USD.”

That's some expensive fruit booty.

This new novelty phenomenon has been named Ripe Fruit and is extremely popular in China.  Reportedly created first by a fruit vender in Nanjing, the peaches themselves are from Yangshan, in Wuxi, which have been dubbed "the juiciest, most delicious peaches on earth," by the Wall Street Journal.  Yangshan is also an area well known for its lingerie and garment industry, so peaches and panties make a perfect pear (fruit joke).

Peaches 'n' Panties, anyone?

Source: Kotaku