The Pear Light: Portable LED Lighting Picked Fresh Off the Branch

The future of LED lighting has grown into something pretty sweet, as New York designer Nick Foley can tell you. If you want to illuminate dark spaces, or bring a touch of the outside indoors, his Pear Light is sure to brighten up any interior with its handcrafted design and organic countenance.

Not-so-forbidden fruitsNot-so-forbidden fruits

Custom made from hand-forged metal, this hollow steel tree is home to three pear-shaped urethane lights which dangle from its boughs, held in place via rare earth magnets. Each pear light comes bearing 10 ultrabright white LEDs, and once "picked" from its branch will stay charged for up to an hour. So that means you can take your little pear light on a journey deep into the night, and it will safely guide your travels for about an hour. Then you're out of luck.


Once the glow softens and fades you can just hang it back on its bough (that is, if you make it back from your nocturnal adventures), where it will recharge via its autonomous charging circuit and meanwhile serve as part of an ambient floor lamp.

Bare PearsBare Pears

No information has been released on whether the Pear Light will go into production but, as I'm a fan of pears, I'd personally like a veritable fruit-bearing forest of these LEDs growing in my living room, with some grapes and apples, too!

Source: inhabit


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Feb 8, 2008
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How beautiful! I love it.