Pearls Out Of Swine: Transform Your Foods!

What if you could turn just about any food in your kitchen into "caviar?" I'm not talking about taste or even texture. This is all about the shape. You can now turn your food into little balls of taste from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the Imperial Spherificator and the directions on how to use it. A few recipes would get you a long way too.

Bacon PearlsBacon Pearls

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This device is not for the casual cook. This is for the serious foodie whose passion is creating with food. This takes a gourmet process that normally would take hours to create and makes it comparatively quick and easy. In the old days this would have been achieved with a syringe and plastic tubing. Now chefs and foodies can use the Spherificator for their amazing garnishes.

The Imperial SpherificatorThe Imperial Spherificator

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All you need to do is turn your food into a liquid. The example they give in the video is to emulsify red onions with red wine vinegar to make these little balls of delight to go with oysters. I am somewhat less gifted in the culinary realm, so I would probably attempt this with my bottled salad dressing and toss it on my salad. Still, you get the point.

Tomato Pearls and Basil PearlsTomato Pearls and Basil Pearls

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Once the liquid is in the Spherificator you turn it on and let drops fall into a calcium chloride and sodium alginate solution to make the balls. Then you rinse the balls to remove the excess solution and you can start using those lovely little pearls. Both of these ingredients come included with the Spherificator and all you need to do is add them to water.

The Spherificator is able to operate at different speeds and comes with two different size nozzles so that you can make different sized pearls. It also comes with a recipe book to help you decide what you want to make and how to make it. 

The website Mashable tried out the Spherificator and said that making the pearls is a bit unpredictable so it takes a bit of experimentation to get the right consistency for your liquids. They said that foods that are too high in sugar or acid can be a problem. 

Root Beer PearlsRoot Beer Pearls

Image via Mashable

The pearls that really caught my attention were made of root beer and were used to top ice cream. Of these Mashable said "The root beer pearls are taut and filled with a tiny burst of liquid root beer in the center." What a great take on the old root beer float! 

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