Pedal the Friendly Skies with Airbike

Airbike is an innovative new pedaling mechanism that attaches to a hang glider allowing the user to pedal through the skies. This interesting new contraption, designed by Rupert Sweet-Escott, will get you some exercise and allow you to navigate through the air like never before.

The Airbike doesn't start working until you're in the air. You use a traditional hang glider take-off on foot from a bluff or hill. Then jump into that funky-looking body bag, locate your pedals and start pedaling away. Your pedal power operates a small propeller which allows you to glide and gain altitude even in the absence of the proper air conditions. Rather than simply gliding through the air, you're able to fly! Essentially, Airbike provides a flexibility and control to the glider that was previously unimaginable.

So how hard is it to pedal? The product website describes it as "a bit like cycling up a shallow hill". While "shallow hill" may not be a familiar term, the point seems clear--a slow, steady grind that's not too overwhelming or excruciating on your legs.

Airbike comes in three varieties (pedal only, pedal and electric or petrol hybrid, and no-pedal fully powered), which you can select from to meet your needs (depending upon just how ripped those calves are). The lightweight units begin with a sticker price of around $2000. While this may sound steep, it's a small price to pay to tell everyone at the office that you spent the weekend biking through mid-air.

Suddenly, the old joke of " I just flew in and boy are my arms tired!" is less funny than ever.

Sources: Airbike via Oh Gizmo!

Mar 28, 2009
by Anonymous


wholey.....schnikes... lol i am soooo gonna buy one of these when i get the funds! can you just think of the possibilities of it??? you could attach a satchel bag to it and fill that with water balloons then fly all over the city and drop them on people and then just fly away!!!! they would never know what hit them!!!! bestest idea ever!

May 5, 2009
by Anonymous


This will not work. Do the math.