Pedal Powered Christmas Tree Slimming and Eco-friendly

via G.C-Hvia G.C-H

As part of the Cop15 campaign this year, Copenhagen's City Hall Square Christmas tree could help inspire people not only to be more eco-conscious, but also to stay in shape as they pedal to light up the tree.

In total, 15 bicycles are connected to the 700 LED bulbs hanging on the  Christmas tree that is 17 meters tall (about 55 feet tall). Each bicycle is connected to a certain section of the tree. If at any time a bicycle is not pedaled the section connected to that bike will not light up. The good news is that anyone can volunteer to ride the bike and pedal on the lights to their hearts content or until they run out of breath.

To watch the pedal powered tree lights come on watch the YouTube video below.


Via Inhabitat, Treehugger and CNET