PedalBoard: Skating Makes Love to Cycling

This sure looks a lot more fun than the Soopa Scoota. The PedalBoard is a new concept by Nicholas G. Sawyers that combines the pedal action of a bicycle with the form factor of a large skateboard.

A pretty solid-looking concept, the PedalBoard aims to offer the best of both worlds. It boasts the maneuverability and free-flowing versatility of a skateboard while allowing riders to "pedal" uphill, instead of having to one-foot or walk. If it actually works, it could be one of the coolest things on the street. 

Information is a little sparse, as is often the case with concepts, but the PedalBoard uses some form of spring-action gear system. Near as we can tell, the rider pumps his foot and the spring compresses, allowing the toothed mechanism to move the chain and wheel. 

The PedalBoard is also designed for all-terrain dominance with its large wheels. The descriptions says that it's ready for smooth or rough pavement and dirt.

Not since the Kvant snowbike have I been crossing my fingers for a piece of concept sports gear. 

Via Tuvie