Pedaled, Not Driven: BOND Bike Is The Coolest Cycle Ever

Yeah, pedaled not driven--that was pretty weak sauce right there. But it was the best I could seem to come up with at midnight. I've got a case of writer's block and, though admittedly not my best work, it's all I got. Sue me.

Luckily, I have the BOND bike here to make up for my embarrassing lack of late-night creativity. The BOND bike is just as awesome as you might think. Bond may spend most of his time behind the wheel of fancy European cars from BMW, Lotus and Aston Martin, but it's not unforeseeable that he may need to go where the road doesn't. And in that case, he hops on this hunk of two-wheeled engineering. 

As you can see, the bike is prepared to ride pretty much anywhere. I'm not sure how well that rear track will hold up after miles upon miles of pavement (luckily action scenes are short and to the point), but it should definitely help when road turns to snow. And if that snow happens to be deep, the ski is there to keep it afloat. 

Just as cool as the multifaceted drivetrain is what you can't see. There's an "anti-theft ejection seat" under your behind and a pair of flame throwers that fire out the handlebars. I could just picture Bond pedaling frantically and flaming out some Japanese assassins when they finally caught up to him. 

In addition to paying homage to everyone's favorite spy, the BOND in the bike stands for Built of Notorious Deterrents. The concept was built by bike insurance company after the company surveyed cyclists on their least favorite parts of the commute. The flame throwers handle road-hogging motorists; the tread plows through pot holes; the ski replaces the front wheel in bad weather and the ejector seat is the exclamation point on your last word with a bike thief. 

Unfortunately, this piece wasn't designed for a movie and it wasn't designed for the market. It's merely a concept set to appear at the Cycle Show in London. 

Did I mention it's functional concept? Check it out: 

 Telegraph via Gizmodo