PEEL Lamp From Japan Adds A New Dimension To Night Lights

Don't just seize the day, peel it away! The PEEL Lamp is an innovative night light from Japanese design duo YOY. This unique electrical fixture utilizes an ultra-thin OLED light source to create the illusion of another world lurking just beyond our own.

The body of the vaguely kite-shaped PEEL Lamp is made from white PMMA plexiglass measuring 430 by 335 mm (roughly 17 by 13.5 inches). The lamp is just 63mm (2.52 inches) thick at its greatest depth, allowing the OLED lighting panel to appear flush with the room's wall. On the back of the panel, an integral loop grommet provides for simple, DIY-friendly, one-screw mounting.

Last but not least, the PEEL Lamp's power cord is designed to hang straight down; nestling unnoticed in the corner where two room walls meet.

The result will either bring a smile to your face or leave you bewildered, wondering whether if this world is THE world or maybe, just maybe... there's something a little brighter on the other side. (via Spoon & Tamago, photos by Yasuko Furukawa)

Apr 24, 2013
by Anonymous

Star Trek Orig serial had

Star Trek Orig serial had similar called a Light panel which was hid under a blanker & gave off light, 24/7, that was using 60s tech Then.
I believe episode was Return of the Archons , on DVD