10 Funny, Dramatic, & Irreverent Peep Shows Too Good To Miss

If sugar ever goes out of fashion, the folks who make Peeps® never have to worry; Peeps is a gift that keeps on giving in all kinds of amusing ways during holidays, but especially at Easter. Here are some 2009 winning Peep designs to which I've given my own awards...


1.  Best Political Peep Show

Impeepment by Cole Lightfoot, Northern Illinois University Honors Program

Chicago Tribune


 Peepin' golden



2.  Best Peep Show Representing A Peep Show

Octomom and OctoPeeps in the "Just Born" Nursery Unit by Christy Jones of Lafayette, Indiana; Michelle and Tom Gaskill of Leo, Indiana; and Cheryl and Stephani Krugler of Geneva, Illinois 

Chicago Tribune


 The "Just Born" Nursery Unit is bustling with activity due to the recent arrival of the "OctoPeeps." The hospital is besieged by the paparazzi and Dr. Phil trying to get a peek at the Octomom and her baby Peeps. You are given an exclusive first look at the burgeoning family.



3.  Best Dramatic Interpretation of Alfred "HitchPeep" Thriller

 "The Peeps" by Laura Gilligan, Chicago

 Chicago Tribune


 In this creepy scene from Alfred Hitchpeep's classic thriller, the suspense builds as Tipeepi Hedron waits outside the schoolhouse, unaware of the danger lurking behind her as the children inside sing a haunting tune: "Wisslepeep, wasslepeep...


4.  Best Peep Show At A Museum


Linda, by Carol Serini of Evergreen and Greg Alflen of Morrison Colorad

Denver Post


( Photo: Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post)


The photo on the right is "Linda" a 1983 portraint by John DeAndrea.in the Denver Art Museum.






5.  Best Warning For Peeps Behavin' Badly


Peephole repair, by Brad French, Chicago

Chicago Tribune


Here is photographic proof positive that the Mayor's approach to street repairs is a sweet plan.