Peeps Sushi: 'Serious Eats' Whips Up Some Sweet Easter Treats

Everyone loves Peeps, those sugary marshmallow confections that have sweetened Easter Baskets since 1953. Now the folks at Serious Eats are helping Peeps expand their horizons with Peeps Sushi. 

Wait a minute, Peeps and rice?? Before you call Ralph on the big white phone, consider that the rice used in Serious Eats' recipe is crispy, as in Rice Krispies cereal and its brick-like snack, Rice Krispies Treats.

Feel better? Good, because now we need to address the need for weed: seaweed, that is. Classic nigirizushi and futomaki rolls rely on dried nori seaweed to hold the fish and rice together and while gooey, partially dismembered Peeps provide a hefty quotient of stickiness, in the interest of appearance some sweet substitute had to be found.

ter Treatster TreatsAnd found it was: Fruit by the Foot! Often sold in rolls, this popular fruit-based snack from Betty Crocker is sold in 3-ft long rolls (“3 feet of fun!”), though it should not be confused with a similar product called Fruit Roll-Ups. Fruit by the Foot comes in a dozen different flavors, some of which (Green Apple, for example) may indeed be green.

Should one be concerned about clashing flavors? When your other ingredients are Rice Krispies Treats and Peeps, does it really matter? 

Anyway, if delighting the kiddies and grossing out your friends with Peeps Sushi works for you, be thankful the twisted foodies at Serious Eats have done all the groundwork by posting an illustrated recipe with foolproof instructions. It's all about making Easter sweeter: one Peep at a time. (via TokyoMango and Steamy Kitchen)