Peer To Peer Lending Trend Expands With Video Rentals From iLetYou

At a time when the economy requires us all to derive income from the minimal resources we might have available to us, iLetYou, a new business which recently launched in Private Beta, couldn't have had better timing. Allowing people to rent out the items that they hold near and dear to them, iLetYou's revenue sharing program is an easy way to make money with minimal effort.

While people can rent out just about anything then own using iLetYou, the major hype surrounding this newly launched business relates to entertainment. Since many people have extensive DVD and CD libraries sitting around, iLetYou offers a great potential for people to start their own entertainment rental service, kind of like a Peer-to-Peer Netflix. The structure of iLetYou is similar to one that most consumers and informal retailers are already familiar with; like EBay, iLetYou allows those with something to rent set their fee, and the company takes a small cut of the profit for making the connection and allowing the advertisement.

iLetYou launched in Private Beta on April 25th; but no word yet on when it will be officially open for business. As for now, it's a good idea with great potential, and it supports self-sufficiency during the tough economic times.

Via: Mashable 

May 7, 2009
by Chris Weiss

That sounds pretty cool. I

That sounds pretty cool. I just hope they allow for a deposit of some sort, in case your rental grows legs. I could see losing some stuff this way.