The Pele Board Is The Paddleboard Built For Fitness

Pele Board Built For FitnessPele Board Built For Fitness

Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the water and have some fun. It isn't, however, an incredibly awesome workout--you'll work your arms, but mostly you're just standing. With the Pele Board, the world's first split paddleboard, you can enjoy the water and get in an awesome workout.

The Pele Board is a regular paddleboard when you want it to be. Enjoy a lazy winding river when the paddleboard is whole. Split the paddleboard into halves and you can use your legs to propel the board forward, which not only gives a new twist to paddleboarding, it gives you a great workout. 

Pele BoardPele Board

Picture the old school NordicTrack--the one in which you sort-of slide your feet back and forth--and you'll get a good idea of how the Pele Board works. Each segment of the board has, on the bottom, a series of flaps that deploy when you move the board backward, thus propelling you forward. You can actually use this paddleboard without a paddle. 

If you're just planning on enjoying the board as a whole, you can snap on the Pele Board's flap covers to  prevent the flaps from deploying. To lock the board into place, as one whole board, all you do is align the two halves and flick the lock's handle. With the Pele Board it's easy to go from workout mode to cool-down, relaxing mode. 

Pele Board: Split PaddleboardPele Board: Split Paddleboard

The Pele Board also comes with a mount for cameras and several tie down inserts with elastic straps so that you can strap your gear to the board. There is also a leash insert on the board as well as hassle-free vent plugs on each side. 

Pele Boards ran a Kickstarter campaign in the Spring of this year, and customers were able to pre-order the board then. The makers of the Pele Board don't expect to start shipping those boards until the Spring of 2016. If you love the water and love working out, the Pele Board is certainly the product for you. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait just a bit before you can get your hands on one. 

Source: Pele Boards