Pencil Scarves For Children: For The Parents Dreaming Of School Days

If you're not a parent, you're probably wondering why the heck I'm bringing up school days when kids are not even halfway through their summer vacations. Well, ever heard of the reference that "it's the most wonderful time of the year" when kids return to the classroom? Yeah, the sad truth is that while parents love spending time with their kids, they're not disappointed to have some time without them. Since it's still the summer holiday, all they can do is start dreaming of the fall by picking up items that are reminiscent of that school year freedom!

One thing parents might find helps keep them sane, is to pickup items that kids will need during the school year. Even better still? Purchasing items that remind them of school and help children get excited about going back. Hey, judge all you want, but parents are only human, too!

One little gem that's an adorable and unique children's clothing design is the pencil scarf that's available on Etsy. It will help fulfill every parent's fantasy, and it can also inspire kids to get creative and pick up their pencils at home for a little home school activity. During those hours you might just find mom in the kitchen with a corkscrew, after all, dreams are one thing, but it's still only July.