Pentax K-x DSLR Camera Shows Off Robotic Colors

Your photos are in color, so why not your camera? That's the question Pentax is about to answer with their new K-x DSLR cameras, available in a rainbow of shades including a limited edition version sporting Robotic Colors.

The Kore Ja Nai robot was introduced in 2001 and obviously made an impression on the product planners at Pentax, who are rounding out their rainbow-hued K-x DSLR series with a version that pays homage to Kore Ja Nai. Not only does the camera sport a bevy of primary colors, it also features Kore Ja Nai's minimalist face right up on top, just behind the Pentax name.

Though it may look like it's made from LEGO bricks, the new K-x series cameras are anything but toys - the announced retail price of $880 is a good indication of that, along with the K-x's decent specs.

North Americans don't have much chance of finding a Robo K-x under their Christmas tree next month, however. The model will be a limited edition of just 100 units, certain to sell out in no time once pre-ordering begins in "early November"... that is, now. Settling for one of the other brightly colored K-x's is a no go too since only black, red and white models will be sold in the USA. Oh snap!

UPDATE: The Pentax K-X series is now sold in the U.S. and can be found at Amazon here and other retailers.

(via Crunchgear)

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