Pepper Spray Ring

The Stunning Ring is a ring designed to ward off attackers. It is meant to be filled with pepper spray and can be activated at the push of a button. Worn on either the 1st or 2nd fingers, it can be triggered with the thumb when the safety latch is pressed.

The ring uses the "strongest pepper spray available on the market today." The spray can be used without causing any permanent damage to the attacker. It is meant to be used at close range, about 2 feet. The ring can be refilled by replacing the canisters.

The ring is sold for around $25, with the refill canisters around $8. The canisters hold around 2-3 sprays before they need replacing.

This ring is a great idea, but I wish they would have made it a little more attractive. It looks like a very cheap piece of costume jewelry. I get the feeling that it may also turn one's finger green.

These rings remind me of those water-squirting flowers that clowns wear. In theory, these would be good prankster rings. "Hey, I just got engaged, wanna see my ring?" Squirt!

In reading descriptions of the ring, it boasts that it "empowers a man or woman while jogging, dating, working..." Dating? I can only picture the possibilities. If I'm out on a bad date, I can squirt a cloud of spray around me, masking my presence, and then make my quick escape.

When I was young I had a ring similar to this. It was called a "poison ring", one that held poison powder inside. It was in the shape of an elephant where the trunk was lifted in order to insert the poison. When I finally received it in the mail, I was greatly disappointed because the ring was so big it didn't really look good on me. As far as the Stunning Ring, I suspect it would have the same result.

Reading reviews on the Stunning Ring, most people like it but say it is too gaudy for them to actually wear. But isn't gaudiness a small price to pay in knowing you are safe?

One big tip about this ring: Make sure you get the right size. You wouldn't want the ring to twist around and squirt you in the face by accident in your time of need.

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Feb 22, 2008
by Odette (not verified)

Has anyone actually used

Has anyone actually used this? I want this but don't want to waste my money unless it's really going to work.