Pepsi Caribbean Gold: A Cooler Summer Kola, Mon!

Arrr matey, these pretzels are Jamaican me thirsty! Chill out, mon, Pepsi Japan's got something for that: Pepsi Caribbean Gold! Look past the rather ganja-esque name and you'll find a cool & fruity concoction that channels the flavor of White Sapote.

White Sapote is a tropical fruit that looks somewhat like a persimmon on the outside and a Cherimoya (custard apple) on the inside.

According to napaJapan, one of the first reviewers of Pepsi Caribbean Gold, “the flavor of Sapote is very unique - many describe it as a cross between mango, persimmon, peach, pear, and vanilla.” Can Pepsi Japan successfully bottle the White Sapote's deliciously exotic, ice-creamy taste? 

White Sapote (which is derived from the Aztec word “tzapotl”) has other properties that Pepsi may or may not want to trumpet too loudly. One of the more “interesting” aspects is that the seeds contain several pharmacologically active compounds such as n-methylhistamine, n-dimethylhistamine, zapotin and histamine.

As noted by 16th century Spanish chroniclers of the Aztec culture, “eating the fruit has long been known to produce drowsiness.” Coincidentally, smoking the other kind of Caribbean Gold can have a similar effect. Irie!

On the upside, several studies have noted “the potent anticancer activity of Zapotin and suggest a role for Zapotin both as a chemopreventive and a chemotherapeutic agent against colon cancer.” Now that IS cool, though you won't hear a peep about it from Pepsi Japan... meaning that Pepsi Caribbean Gold contains zero Zapotin.

Pepsi Caribbean Gold was officially released on July 26th and is priced at 140 yen (about $1.80) per 490 ml (16.57 fl oz) bottle. It joins the long list of biannual, seasonal soft drink offerings from Pepsi Japan that include Pepsi Baobab, Pepsi Azuki, Pepsi Mont Blanc, Pepsi Ice Cucumber and more. (via Gigazine