Pepsi EX Extra: All the Caffeine of Coffee in a Cool, Carbonated Can

Pepsi EX Extra, scheduled to be released on June 26th, is Pepsi's latest “shot” in today's energy-infused cola wars – and it's not their first such effort, either. Last July 5th, 250ml cans of Pepsi Energy Cola landed on Japanese store shelves and the previous summer saw 190ml cans of infamously over-carbonated Pepsi Strong Shot helping thirsty consumers blow off steam.

Another year, another new Pepsi is how it seems to go in Japan, and with Pepsi Energy Cola and Pepsi Strong Shot both ancient history (as far as new Japanese soft drinks go), it's time to refresh soda-drinkers' memories AND palates!

Pepsi EX Extra roughly follows the pattern set by its progenitors in that it comes in 200ml (6.76oz) cans – an American can of Pepsi holds 355ml or 12oz. Coincidentally or not, a cup of coffee also runs about 200ml before adding sugar & cream. The similarities continue: Pepsi EX Extra contains 19mg of caffeine per 100ml, so a can of Pepsi EX Extra packs the same amount of caffeine as a cup of caffeinated coffee.

Now you overworked office drones out there might be wondering, why not just drink coffee instead of Pepsi EX Extra? If you're a Japanese office drone stuck in a cramped highrise during an energy-conserving, non-nuclear-powered, hotter than a blast furnace Tokyo summer, a hot cuppa Joe is about the last thing you're thinking of. A cool, chilled can of Pepsi EX Extra, on the other hand, could supply that needed buzz without provoking a meltdown. (via Gigazine)

Jun 26, 2012
by Anonymous

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