Pepsi Salty Watermelon is Pepsi Japan's New Sweet Seasonal Treat

Another season, another new & exciting Pepsi flavor! This time around the drink designers at Pepsi Japan have reached back to a traditional Japanese summertime treat, salted watermelon.

The bottle label features a two-tone green banded watermelon against a daytime fair weather sky, sandy beach and ocean backdrop. According to Suntory Foods International's press release on Pepsi Salty Watermelon issued May 28th, the bottle label was designed “to express the joy of an exciting summer vacation,” presumably one that involved munching some chilled salted watermelon slices on the beach... hey, who kicked sand on my watermelon!

Pepsi Salty Watermelon won't be the first salted watermelon snack food to be sold in Japan, believe it or not. Nestle Japan's Kit-Kat has sold a “Watermelon and Salt” variety (above) since at least 2008. But I digress, let's get back to the Pepsi.

The deep red soda priced at 140 yen (about $1.75) per 490 ml bottle is scheduled to go on sale nationwide on Tuesday, July 24th, coinciding with the height of the suffocatingly hot & humid Japanese summer. Good timing: salty or not, if it's kept cold they'll sell tanker loads of the stuff. (via Narinari, Kit-Kat image via Conny1991)