Pepsi Strong Shot Jolts The Cola Scene, Your Taste Buds

Pepsi Japan is famous for pushing the cola innovation envelope, sometimes in mysterious ways. Pepsi Baobab, Pepsi Azuki and other crazy colas have earned the soft drinks company points for good marketing, if not for good taste. With Pepsi Strong Shot, Pepsi Japan is edging into energy drink territory: a crowded niche known for chewing up and spitting out Red Bull wannabes.

Sure Pepsi Strong Shot has extra caffeine, that goes without saying when you include "strong" in your product name. It's the extra carbonation, however, that puts extra gas in Pepsi's tank... not to mention yours.

More CO2 may be bad for the environment but that's not Pepsi's concern. They're more worried about Pepsi Strong Shot's formidable fizz doing a number on your face. See that yellow "caution" band at the top of the can? That's Pepsi imploring your thirsty bod to "wait 15 seconds" before opening the can, in order to calm the bubbly elixir contained within. If the suspense (or your thirst) is just too much, well, don't say you haven't been warned.

Pepsi Strong Shot is, like so many other odd soft drinks, only available in Japan. That's a pity... yours truly still misses Jolt Cola, a pioneer in the amped cola wars. We non-Japanese also miss out on finally being able to burp the entire alphabet in a single belch. (via Gigazine)

Jun 28, 2010
by Anonymous


"More CO2 may be bad for the environment but that's not Pepsi's concern."

Its not a concern because 1, its not bad for the environment, and 2 the CO2 they use comes from the atmosphere and not fossil fuels.

Jun 29, 2010
by Anonymous

15 seconds?

15 seconds starting when? From when I pick up the can?

Jun 29, 2010
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

15 seconds before drinking

Not "starting from", but before you drink. If the can is still for 15 seconds before you open it you'll be fine - ymmv as always.