Per4M Juke 360 Is A Simple Design That Can Help Improve Your Footwork And Speed

Per4M Juke 360Per4M Juke 360

What could MacGyver do with a belt, bungee cord and safety strap? He could probably make some sort of slingshot with the ability to catapult a human over a 50 foot wall. What PER4M did with those materials was develop the Juke 360, a simple training device that can help you improve your footwork and speed.

Juke 360 KitJuke 360 Kit

I recently blogged about another PER4M product (the Jump Trainer), and just like that one, the Juke 360 is a simple but effective fitness and sports training product. The Juke 360 is basically a stretch cord attached to a belt at one end and a safety strap at the other. The person training wears the belt and her training partner provides resistance by anchoring the other end of the stretch cord. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Training with the Juke 360 will better your footwork, improve your explosive power and speed and help you move more efficiently. It's a simple design, but simple works in this case. The added resistance is similar to that of running with a parachute. However, the Juke 360 is more versatile, because it provides resistance in all directions, not just while running straight forward. The only downfall is that you will need someone else to train with you. 

Having a training partner isn't so bad. Often it motivates you, and if you go in half and half on the price of the PER4M Juke 360, you would only spend about $20. Check it out on Amazon. It may be just the right thing to give you and edge. 

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