PER4M Reaction Belts Are Simple But Effective At Footwork Training

PER4M Reaction BeltsPER4M Reaction Belts

Belt yourself to your training partner. How does this strategy sound for training? It may not sound conventional, but it's actually an effective way to improve your footwork and reaction time, and you can practice this technique with the PER4M Reaction Belts.

Reaction time and footwork are essential in just about any sport, especially sports like basketball and football. I played basketball for most of my life (through college) and now am a competitive rugby player, and I have always worked on my footwork and reaction time--speed ladders, defensive drills, shadowing drills, tracking, etc. The PER4M Reaction Belts allow players to work on reaction time and footwork in competitive and fun drills. 

Training With Reaction BeltsTraining With Reaction Belts

The PER4M Reaction Belts kit comes with two belts (both with free sliding rings that allow movement in all directions), three breakaway tethers (4', 7' and 10') and 10 drill cards. Basketball players can belt themselves together with a 4' tether and work on man to man defense. Cornerbacks can use the longer tethers to work on their man coverage. And rugby players, like myself can use any of the tethers to work on shadowing and tracking. 

Of course you could get the same results with a rope and not have to buy the PER4M Reaction Belts kit, however at $16, you may as well get the belts. Not only will you be getting the extra benefit of the breakaway tethers and adjustable belts, but you get the drill cards as well. For more information or to pick up the PER4M Reaction Belts you can visit their site or check out Amazon

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