The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time: Miss Flicklash By Eylure

Winged eyeliner can be a real pain. One little shake of your hand, and your masterpiece is ruined! Speaking as a lover of makeup, I know the pain of creating a beautiful look just to mess it up with smudged or shaky cat eyes. If you're sick of screwing up your winged liner, check out Eylure's new product, Miss Flicklash. The false lashes not only add some oomph to your eyelashes, but they provide the perfect pin-up style in seconds.

Miss Flicklash: Perfect Cat EyesMiss Flicklash: Perfect Cat Eyes

If you have tried liquid liner or gel pots, you know how delicate flicking out a wing can be. I image it's similar to heart surgery or rocket science. At least, it feels that way. The hardest part is creating a symmetrical look where both wings are the same length and width. Eylure has heard your cries of anguish and created Miss Flicklash. The end of the false lash extends into a cute little point, serving as the perfect wing. Just peel off the paper on the flick, and apply like a regular lash. The flick is hypoallergenic and covered in a velvet finish. Plus, the lashes are reusable, so you can get four or five glamorous looks before buying another set. 

Flicklash OptionsFlicklash Options

Miss Flicklash eye lashes come in three shades: black, silver and gold. You can also try three styles. Go bold with a long party lash or try something more subtle with the short lash or natural lash. Sometimes you can find fun limited edition colors, too. This past summer, Miss Flicklash was in a stunning blue, yellow and lilac. If false lashes scare you as much as drawing on your own wing, don't worry. There's a helpful application video on their website. False eyelashes will feel strange for a while after application, but once you get into your daily routine, you won't even notice them. 

If you're sick of messing up your cat eyes, I recommend giving Miss Flicklash lashes a go. It's a small investment that will save you tons of aggravation as your get ready for your day or a night out. 

You can purchase your lovely lashes on Amazon or at cosmetic stores like Ulta

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