Perfect Pitch On Parking Lot Roof Suits Chinese Soccer Superfans

You've really gotta love soccer to play it deep in the heart of the city, especially when the list of available fields starts and ends at zero. A group of Chinese futball fanatics took matters into their own feet, er, hands by building their very own private playing pitch on the roof of a downtown car park.

Rooftop athletic facilities aren't exactly unheard of in China, so Xu Cong and his pals weren't operating in a vacuum. Still, the challenge of siting a regulation soccer pitch somewhere in the dense urban core of Zhengzhou city wasn't to be taken lightly.

In the event, a parking garage roof approximately three stories tall with a sufficiently flat roof was found. Once permission from the building owner was granted, the artificially-surfaced main field (plus an adjacent smaller field) was constructed. Illuminated at night by LED lighting and surrounded by a tall chain link fence and netting, the field is everything an urban soccer fanatic could hope for and then some!

Now that the field has opened, Xu Cong has his hands full allocating playing time for groups eager to enjoy some urban recreation. Time is limited, as Xu only makes the field available after 3:00pm to avoid distracting workers in the surrounding office buildings. A noble “goal”, to be sure! (via Netease)