The Perfect Polish For Little Ladies: Bo-Po Nail Polish

Bo-Po Nail PolishBo-Po Nail PolishIn the 1980s, the company Tinkerbell released a product called Bo-Po. It was a brush-on, peel-off nail polish for little girls. The fad came and went, but now it's back, and better than ever! If your little one loves to play dress up, then this is the perfect polish for her.

Worx Toys acquired the nail polish formula and claims to have improved it (although, I'm not sure how you can improve upon peel-tastic nail polish. It already sounds pretty awesome.) The polish dries in seconds, perfect for impatient little hands that need to touch everything now. And rather than need polish remover, the polish peels right off. It's non-toxic and child safe. Best of all, the bottle is spill-proof! 

 Bo-Po comes in 10 different shades, 3 of which are glittery and definitely girl-approved. If nail polish isn't enough, you can add color-changing chapstick to the look, as well. Now, when Mom is getting ready for a night out, so can her daughter.

One warning though: You will likely have tiny, nail-shaped paint chips scattered throughout the house. There's just too much temptation to peel off the polish moments after it's been applied. 

To get your bottle of Bo-Po, visit their site here.

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