Fight Winter Lips With The Innovative Fabulips System

Bliss Fabulips SystemBliss Fabulips SystemWhat girl doesn't want a perfect pout? Sexy lips are a feature every lady wants, but the weather can keep women from their ideal pair of lips. Bliss has released Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip Perfecting System which can help you achieve a pair of lips everyone's going to want to kiss. Consider this your warning.

A big problem with winter is the damage is does to skin. Dry air wreaks havoc on our faces, lips especially. Some days it feels like there isn't enough lip balm in the world to fix the flakes and cracks.  The Bliss exfoliating scrub is tough enough to remove the dry, flaky patches on your lips but gentle enough to moisturize, as well. The wand, similar to an electric toothbrush, rotates over your skin, scrubbing away dead skin. The custom designed head also numbs your lips to stimulate them while you exfoliate.  Voila! The perfect pout in minutes!

According to reviewers, the Fabulips system works miracles.  Women rave that their lips feel softer and healthier. However, it does not appear that replacement heads can be purchased for the brush. The box comes with two, but after those are worn out, you will need to buy a brand new set. That feels a bit wasteful since the device itself will likely still be working.

On Amazon, the set sells for $48.00, which is a worth while investment, especially in the winter.  Not only do chapped lips look unattractive, but they hurt and may even crack and bleed. To prevent this during dry months, the Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip Perfecting System seems to be the ideal product. I'd recommend buying it just before Christmas when the mistletoe comes out.

If you're interested in trying the system, you can visit the Bliss website or check out Amazon. 

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