The Perfect Budget Solution: Tiny Artist Studio That Doubles Up As Living Space

Good houses are hard to find in today's cities and they are also expensive to rent or buy. This gets harder if you are an artist working on your own, as you also need to rent a studio to work on. But what if you could have both things at once?

In the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, architects Ranaan Stern and Shany Tal from Raanan Stern's Studio developed a perfect solution for urban artists on a modest budget: a tiny art studio that can also double as a living space. They designed a sleek 18 square-meter living space that is full of multi-functional items, like drawers that turn into a bed.

The apartment is located inside a concrete building from the 1950s and two of the room's four walls are windows, so expanding the space was not an option, the architects explain. The windows were fitted with blinds to help give the artist control over the atmosphere and natural light.

The team spent four weeks measuring each object and organising them into four separate categories. These categories were then further divided into groups, dependent on how much a piece was needed for everyday use or for display. The result is a layout that would appear random to an outsider, but has a coherence that is instantly familiar to the artist.

Most of the cells, cupboards and drawers have been constructed from lightweight birch and treated with a clear coating that emphasizes the wood's natural grain. Birch has also been used for the flooring. "We also designed the storage by two rules: the easiest way to physically open and use, but always making sure everyday stuff and more needed pieces will be more accessible. Some pieces can be place on the pegboard which is also a painting stand for different sizes of boards," added Raanan.

While not being entirely innovative in terms of space use, this solution surely represents an innovation in terms of merging the house and working spaces, in a way that keeps the budget short but also sets a separation between them. While the best solution for you might still be using home construction kits, which are reliable and not that expensive, this can also be a very useful solution to consider.