Perfect Porcelain at feinedinge

My home is in desperate need of a make over and where else to look for some brilliant ideas if not on the internet?

With this in mind I sat down late one evening to look for some innovative designs and interiors for the house.

Designs by SandraDesigns by SandraI decided to start with the was I to know that hand made lights by Sandra Haischberger of Vienna would take me on a completely different tangent.

I ended up doing nothing that evening except admire the lady's work.



Sandra runs a ceramic studio "feinedinge" in Vienna. Sandra designs are renowned throughout Europe.

The beauty of each piece had me completely awestruck.

The delicate, yet subtly whimsical designs are sure to add a touch magic to the dullest of interiors.  I could not read much on the site as I speak no German, but now I have reason to try and learn the language.

Each line of pottery has its own wonderful texture and detailing that leaves one wanting more. Be it the dotted plates, the lamps, the vases with intricate designs or the brand new range of pottery in black...each is in a class of its own.


MoonstruckMoonstruckWhat I would really love to own is a lamp from the Moonstruck range. Sandra first sketches a floral pattern for each slip cast porcelain lamp and then perforates the design by hand. The end result, an unique and magical lamp for my walls.  

So what are you waiting for, go and discover the magic at feinedinge .



Aditi Simlai Tiwari

Oct 3, 2007
by Casual Adventurer (not verified)


I guess the one word you wouldn't want to hear in that studio would be Ooops!